Engagement in Stage 1

Michiko has been a rehearsal studio in the heart of Times Square for over 30 years. Students, teachers, comedians, artists, and world class musicians alike fill the halls. But did you know that people rent our rooms for other extraordinary occasions? 

Zachary Knight and Catherine Anne Marks got engaged in Stage 1 in the early days of COVID, during a blizzard, when Times Square was basically vacant.

Zachary and Catherine tell us their engagement story: 

“We happened to connect on two different dating apps in the course of a couple weeks,” Zachary took this as a sign. They began dating in 2018.

Zachary continues, “I’ve been into music as a hobby (piano, guitar, singing) for almost my whole life. Early in our relationship, I played some songs for Catherine. One of those songs was Hero by Enrique Iglesias. That became her favorite romantic song. I knew I wanted to play that song for my proposal. COVID was still in full swing at that point so I wasn’t sure how I would accomplish my dream of proposing to that song in a music studio or concert hall of some sort.”

“I was so thrilled when I found Michiko Studios. Not only were you all open during that COVID time and during the blizzard that ended up happening on the day of my proposal, but the studio had the exact intimate feel I was looking for. All I needed to do was add some electric candles and the studio was the perfect place.”

On March 1, 2021, Zachary performed Hero and Catherine said, “YES!” After they toasted with champagne they, “took the most beautiful pictures in a near-empty snow covered Times Square thanks to Michiko Studio’s prime location.” 

Zachary and Catherine got married on June 23, 2022. From all of us at Michiko Studios, we wish you a lifetime of joy, love, and music! Thank you for sharing your special moments with us.

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