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Below are the lists of our premier studios, including the price, the equipment in the room and the maximum capacity of each studio. If you are returning customers and already familiar with our studios, feel free to choose your studio and browse for times that fit you most.

Questions about booking? Visit our FAQ. If you have any difficulties finding available times, feel free to call us at 212-302-4011 for assistance.

Old Office

The Old Office ($45/hr) is back! Equipped with a brand new Kawaii baby grand piano, this is a great session room for 5 musicians as well as a duo room for a cheaper rate (1-2 ppl). Located in the back of the studio, The Old Office has 2 windows, carpeted floors and privacy. You'll find our Maple Custom Yamaha drum kit, a Gallien-Krueger bass amp, DV Mark Guitar Amp, JBL EON610 Speakers and a Mackie 4-channel soundboard.

Cymbals are available for use, please ask the front desk.

Extra price information : $45/hr for 3 ppl or more
Resource Order : g
Intro text : The Old Office ($45/hr) has returned! This is a great session room for up to 5 musicians. The location in the back hallway of the studio makes it private and isolated. Enjoy the two windows with natural light, as well as carpeted floors to keep the sound in check! Ask us to see the space when you visit.
Room size : 10 x 16ft
Number of persons : 5
Capacity : Up to 5 people total.
Equipment available : Kawaii Baby Grand Piano Maple-Custom Yamaha Drum Kit GK Bass Amp DV Mark Guitar Amp JBL EON610 Spkrs Mackie 4ch Mixer
Refund policy : 48