About Michiko Rehearsal Studios Inc.

Michiko Studios is a premier jazz and classical rehearsal studio located in the heart of Times Square. Initially a subsidiary of Roberto’s Winds Inc in 1989, Michiko Studios became independent in 2012 and continues to thrive as not only rehearsal studios for jazz artists but for music lovers as a whole. Michiko Studios holds a firm belief that collaboration among individuals and businesses leads to greater productivity, creativity, and success. This belief is evident in the design of the studios’ spaces, events, and digital tools, which are created to facilitate musicians’ connections in a natural and frictionless way.

Musicians routinely source talent, projects, referrals, ideas, and inspiration from Michiko Studios, and therefore have a vested interest in its size and quality. The resulting word of mouth has created an accelerating demand for Michiko Studios to create more spaces and events.

Many music teachers ranging from the saxophone, voice, piano and more have utilized our studios to create their home bases for their personal studios. Recently, we’ve begun featuring their teaching methods and work in our new Teachers of Michiko series exclusively on Youtube.

While mainly used a rehearsal space for some of music’s finest and greatest, Michiko Studios has two different stage rooms that have been commonly used for performances as part of our Live at Michiko Series. Some musicians that have been featured in this series include Matthew Shipp, Souren Baronian, Ingrid Jensen, and Mauro Senise, to name a few. Michiko Studios has also been home to Lew Tabackin’s legendary residency, Wednesdays with Lew for the last few years.

Not only have these rooms been utilized for concerts, but for inquiries on booking your next show or event, please email marketing@michikostudios.com

About Roberto Romeo – Owner of Michiko Studios

When Serving Musicians Becomes a Lifetime Mission

Roberto Romeo, owner and President of Michiko Studios and Roberto’s Winds, a woodwind retail and repair shop, has lived through the changing music scene of the ’80s and ’90s. Growing up as a flute player in Italy, Roberto came to the States and quickly became part of the jazz community during its golden era right in Times Square, New York. He also has been around to witness the fall of New York City’s famed “Music Row” on 48th Street, where many music businesses have been forced to close their doors.

Despite those hard times and the unexpected loss of Music Row, Roberto’s Winds and Michiko Studios have stood strong and resilient on legendary 46th Street in Manhattan thanks to the support of musicians within the community. In a sense, Michiko Studios has lived up to Roberto’s vision as not only a place for music but also as a contribution to the artistic aspect of New York City.